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Nightlife and parties in St Barth

If you go to St. Barth’s and don’t experience Le Ti St-Barth, you’re doing it wrong. The raucous, kitschy nightclub is a rite of passage for first-timers. Waiters whisk you into a secret back room, dress you up like you’re going to Burning Man, and send you off onto the strobe light–soaked dance floor. (Hot pink mullets, matador capes, and feather boas are standard attire.)
Bagatelle, an offshoot of the original in New York, gets similarly rowdy, minus the costumes but with the same thrill to dance on tables when music is heating up. 
Should you be in the mood for a late-night bender, look no further than Modjo St Barts or Casa St Barth in Gustavia. The lounge-club hybrid usually doesn’t get going until after 1:00 a.m. When you wake up the next morning, head immediately to Saline for a swim—the salty seawater is a secret hangover remedy locals swear by.

Private parties

Leave your villa or restaurant and take in the inlands' nightlife. Unwind or get delightfully caught up in the festivities. Many restaurants are available to host private parties for you and your entourage- just ask us ! Alternatively, let us help you organize a themed party that perfectly reflects your image set around the pool at your villa. At night in St. Barts, nothing is impossible !



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